How To Decorate Your Child’s Room for less than $20

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I clearly remember when I was a child, I always wanted to have a cool and colorful room.

So I would decorate my room with all those little Pokemon stickers and large animal wallpapers that always peeled off and wouldn’t stick so I used packaging tapes! LOL! I’ve always loved decorating my room. It’s a big deal for me. It gave me this unexplainable and awesome feeling of independence.

Well, I am older now (I’m 29ish! No! I will never let go of the 20s! LOL), but I’m definitely a proud mother of my kids and, I want them to feel comfortable and happy in their rooms. Of course, decorations must both be high quality and at AFFORDABLE prices. (All caps ‘cause it’s intense. Whew! That escalated quickly!)

So, here I am again to share what I believe are high-quality and affordable room decoration tips.

Alright! Trust me! You’ll absolutely love these items!

  1. Fairy & Butterfly Wall Clock

I am personally so in love with this mirror wall clock, comes with a lovely fairy and lots of butterflies. Includes an acrylic mirror which is awesomely beautiful and elegant. This is definitely perfect for your girl’s room. Who doesn’t like fairies? Even adults like fairies! Both a unique decoration and a trendy clock in one awesome item! Cool, and you get it for under 10 dollars. Wow! That’s an amazing deal! Hurry! Grab yours today: Fairy & Butterflies Mirror Wall Clock Room Decor.

  1. Wall Safari Height sticker for your child’s room

Proven Safe and Non-Toxic. This is a colorful jungle-inspired Height wall Safari sticker, perfect for the nature lovers out there! You and your kids will definitely love this one for sure. You can keep up with their growth and at the same time, create an animal-friendly atmosphere. It feels like the animals watch over your kids while they’re peacefully asleep at night. Nice idea! Right? I know you’ll love it too! For only $18! Get yours here: Height Wall Safari Sticker Design Room Decor.

  1.  “The Princess Sleeps Here” Wall Sticker

Our precious baby girl will forever be our princess, especially for the Oh-so-protective daddies! Yes, I know! They are our princesses even when they grow up so fast. Indeed, time flies in just a blink of an eye (sad really). But hey! this wonderful vinyl room sticker reminds them of our undying love. They will always remember that they are forever, our lovely princesses! An excellent sticker for our little and not-so-little beautiful baby girls. Come on, get yours with a limited time offer of $18 only: The Princess Sleeps Here.

We can show our love and care in our own simple way. I always believe that quality need not be expensive. I know you do too! These lovely items are incredible and unique at very affordable prices. No need to spend lots of cash and hurt your wallet! Moms are always practical and wise. Agree? So, What are you waiting for? Surprise your precious kids! Time to add these items to your cart!

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