Top 3 Must-Haves for the Traveling Moms and Babies

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Red lipstick, polished nails, make-up, high heels, fancy dresses & nice bags. These were the must-haves I needed before becoming a Mom. You know, I loved going to parties, traveling and night outs. Lots of fun!

Please don’t get me wrong, I love being a Mom and my baby is my whole life (my husband’s too! LOL!). It’s just that, my must-haves are not the same anymore. Of course! I am a mom now and my priority is my baby and I want the best for him. Always.

So, here are my Top 3 Must-Haves for travel:

  1. Nursing Cover/Car Cover

Beautifully designed nursing covers. Different prints and patterns are available. What I like about these, is that it’s super light and soft. It keeps my baby warm, comfortable and safe while on the go.

It can also be used as a scarf and stroller/car seat cover. It’s a multipurpose nursing scarf! Awesome! Right? This is really a great item for moms and babies alike, especially when traveling. (Exclusive Offer! Order Yours Here: Nursing Scarf).

  1.  Baby Strollers

Moms are always busy. Agree? Absolutely!  Baby strollers are part of our motherhood and I honestly don’t know what to do without them. I love that I can use them when running, as well as travelling or just taking a walk. We all love to go to theme parks, Disneyland and other great places.

Strollers are invaluable. They include large canopies for sun protection. Spacious storage for our baby’s stuff and essentials. The best are super lightweight and can go through narrow doorways and streets. Most importantly, these strollers provide comfort and protection for our precious little treasures. (Free Shipping! Get yours today: Strollers and Joggers)

  1. Travel Crib

A 3-in-1 travel crib. Can be a diaper change station, sleeping crib and a portable bassinet with great storage space for our baby's things and essentials. It’s very useful for traveling, going to the mall, and even just out for a walk. Have a slim and super soft mattress base for comfort and safety. Of course it’s eco-friendly & environment-friendly. Provides the best for our babies while taking good care of Mother Nature. I love it! (Limited Offer! Order today: Travel Gears)

Hurray! That’s it, fellow Mommies! I knew you’d also love my top 3 must-haves for traveling and adventures. Thank you so much for reading. Please share it with your friends too!

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